About Uralnash


About Uralnash

Following “Uralnash”* you’ll learn new surprising sides of Yekaterinburg.

Our site will be useful for those who prefer self-organised journeys to traditional excursions and guidebooks. We are telling about interesting and little-known places of interest in Yekaterinburg, some of which can surprise even locals.
Travel like a local
You’ll get to know a non-touristic Yekaterinburg and will be able to see the city viewed by a local citizen. Yekaterinburg is not just the historic centre, it is a big city and every district has its history and its interesting places. We are writing about everything worth your attention, and quite often you can find information about some exotic spots on the outskirts of the city.

We think that the unique location – at the border of Europe and Asia - makes Yekaterinburg special. Yekaterinburg is neither Europe nor Asia, it has its peculiar character. “Uralnash” is created by the people, who know and love their city and who want visitors to see it as it is: beautiful, unique and full of wonders.

*The word Uralnash (Rus. Уралнаш) can be translated as “our Urals” and it sounds similar to the famous heavy machine building plant “Uralmash” located in Yekaterinburg.

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